Our Vision

The vision of Kobold’s Trove is to provide the tabletop RPG community with high quality apparel and accessories that allows every player to represent their characters in unparalleled style. We want you to be able to own your favorite characters with pride, and always remember the adventures you had in their shoes.

Our Mission

We want you to stand out not only in public, but also in the party. That's why each archetypal RPG class has its own unique and stunning feel here at Kobold’s Trove. We hope the foundational and iconic spiral design inspires awe, and leaves everyone you encounter spellbound by how awesome you look!

The Kobold Behind The Trove

Hey fellow adventurer! My name is Austin and I created Kobold's Trove for everyone who has had fun, made some memories, and built lasting friendships through tabletop gaming.

I started playing tabletop RPGs a number of years ago with my best friends and have never looked back. I hope every item in the store can help you feel more connected to your characters, and look good at the same time. If you're anything like me it might even help you embody the strengths of your character when times are tough. Remember - you're the true champion behind your hero. Ok enough gushing, go own your role!

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